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To plan or not to plan?

Jul 12 2017

A wise person told me at the beginning of the year not to have a plan for this show season.  She told me to not put any pressure on myself or my horse and just to take everything a day, or a week, at a time.  I wish I would have listened to her, but telling me not to plan is like telling me not to breathe.  It just isn’t possible.  And I don’t just plan, I strategize and research and prepare and organize every minute detail.  I can’t help it.  Planning helps me feel in control and makes me feel like I’m getting the most out of every minute of my life.

In typically Kelly-style, I had BIG plans for this year – 2 week intense training session in Florida in February, a couple of Training level events in April and May followed by the Training Level Three Day in June.  Another prep event at Training level and then off to East coast for the American Eventing Championships (AECs) at the end of August where I would finish in the top 20 of my division (a girl can dream, can’t she?).

Cullen and I being rock stars at Richland Horse Trials in 2016
Richland Water

As you can imagine, NOTHING has gone to plan this year.

January: My trainer had an injury which caused her to cancel the Florida trip 
February: I convinced a friend of mine to spend 2 weeks in Florida with me in February, but the trip was more of a vacation than a training bootcamp 
March: We noticed that Cullen wasn’t 100%.  After vet and farrier work we got him comfortable again.    
April: Being conservative, I dropped down to Novice at the last minute for Spring Bay HT and completed the event   
May: A friend and I headed to Penny Oaks HT, only to have cross country canceled due to regional flooding    
May: I was excited to move up to Training at May Daze HT, but a routine vetting found that Cullen wasn’t 100%, so we scratched the event 
June: My trainer invited me to join her at River Glen HT, but convinced me to run Novice to have a fun and relaxing weekend.  We completed the event.   
June: Time to move up to Training at Midsouth HT.  Dressage was rusty and we had an issue in show jumping which resulted us parting ways.
July: I scratched Champagne Run HT as I was advised not to ride for 2 weeks after my head injury at Midsouth HT and would not have time to prep
August: I attended a combined test schooling show to do Novice.  Dressage was good, but we didn't make it around SJ.
September: I scratched Kentucky Classique HT since I have a shoulder injury from the schooling show that needs time to heal. 

Cullen and I parting ways at Haygards Team Challenge Horse Trials in 2016 (PC: Jj Sillman)

So here we are.  My horse and I are healthy (knock on wood), fit (him more than me) and ready to go (mentally more than emotionally).  But I have no plan and no path forward.  I have convinced myself to take a time out.  As suffocating as it may seem, I am going to be patient and take things one day, or one week, at a time.

Stay tuned to find out what happens in the second half of 2017.

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